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Backups and Restorations using Web Host Manager ( WHM )

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Let’s imagine a situation where you bought a dedicated server with intentions to sell web space to resellers. Now your motto will be to provide some good benefits in the form of software to reseller hosting so that your entire web space sells off fast. Web space management software is one such attractive option. It is featured with WHM reseller hosting application which you can even put at the forefront of your marketing campaigns.

There is various type of web management hosting software available but WHM (Web hosting management) is among the most popular. It can be used for creating new user accounts on the web space, backups and restorations of data, easy to use and customize the facility of a panel to manage mail accounts. WHM is developed by company name Cpanel net. WHM makes use of the graphical interface that gives the user easy access to various functions.

Data backup and restoration has always been the key factor in managing any dedicated server. It is recommended to take backups on the daily routine basis to maintain the safety of data. Let’s discuss how WHM tool can be used for backups and restoration.

Steps involved taking backups and restorations using WHM

  • Login to the cPanel of your account using secured username and password and then go to option “backup”. Click on generate full backups. This option takes the complete backup of the desired site.
  • Now you have to decide whether you want to take backups on the same server or you want to opt for the new server. In case, you choose different server option, then you are required to put details for FTP of another server. It is recommended to opt for new server option for backups as it maintains your backup safety for example Due to some reasons system crashes while taking backups on the same server or local directory. You will be left with no option but data loss.
  • After a few minutes depending on the size of space, you will get the message through email to the email address linked with that particular panel account. This message will alert you about proceedings and inform you that backup is done. Once you are finished with backups, you will be required to restore same after some time depending on the requirement and needs.
  • To restore the backup, Login to your to cpanel account using secured username and password.
    While extracting backup in another server, make sure you login with root user and pass and the backup file stored in the Home directory from server root.
  • Go to WHM and click backups and then select “restore single backup”. This step helps to restore backups. It restores a backup of a single site in a timely manner. Restoration time entirely depends on the backup file size.
    Cpanel/FTP/SQL names and password of the new account remains same and you can log in to cpanel account using the same username and password.
  • Now you have to change the name server of that site with the new server name (DNS, refer to as domain name server ). Once you change the server name settings, you are done with backups and restoration process.

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