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Green Hosting – Eco Friendly Web Hosting using Renewable Energy

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There are many web hosting services out there and you’ve probably heard a lot about green hosting – 100% green hosting, 300% green hosting. What does that mean? What makes a green host different from a non-green one? It’s obvious here that we are not talking about the color. A green host is an eco-friendly host, one which keeps pollution to the minimum. You’re probably asking yourself how can a hosting service pollute the environment. After all, it’s not some factory, nor is it some industrial company.

In order to create a clear picture just think about your computer. Think about its capabilities. If you own the typical PC or Mac you could probably host a website or two on it if you’d transform it into a server, but surely not a too traffic acquiring one. Now imagine a room full of servers just like yours. A typical company hosts thousands of websites, all driving traffic in and out at all times. Do you start to form a picture in your mind? Now just imagine all the power such a server consumes. We’re talking the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of bulbs here, all lit up in t6he same time.

Green Hosting

So what green hosting does is that it uses renewable energy. All the electrical power needed to run your website is renewable and is based on eco-friendly equipment. Many green providers go even further than this. Think about all the materials which are used, all the components which break and need to be changed, what happens to all that? Well, a truly green company doesn’t limit itself to using the green energy it also goes further and recycles all the stuff which otherwise would be wasted. That is 200% green.

But you can go even further. What if, with all the available resources, the company would go even further and produce more energy than it consumes? Well, many web hosts do that and this is how they become 300% green. They use renewable energy, they recycle all their materials and reuse components and even more, they use their resources to generate more power than they actually consume. These are the truly green companies.

Should you choose a green company? What’s the impact of green hosting on your own life and business? First of all you should know that on top of the typical service costs, green hosts add the cost of being green. All the recycling, more expensive materials and power generating tools cost extra and that would of course, have an impact on how much they charge you. But the overall cost is usually just a bit more expensive than a non-green solution. Most of us would give 1 extra dollar each month to keep it green. It’s not that much after all and it’s our environment and that extra buck will return to you in the form of fresh, non-polluted air.

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