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Selecting the Right Web Hosting Plan based on Specific Needs

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Assuming that you’ve found the right web hosting provider there’s still one more thing left to deal with – the right plan. The names of the plans vary from provider to provider, but almost at all times there are 3 of those and no matter how they are called they all fit in the 3 categories below.

So, as you’ve probably guessed, in the following paragraphs I will present you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of plan so you can choose the one which is right for you.

1. The Basic Plan
Sometimes it’s simply called “budget plan”, sometimes you will find it as “economy plan” and in most cases it’s all about the “basic plan”. No matter how it’s called, what we are talking about is the most basic plan provided. One word which describes this type of plan is “limited”. You are usually limited to the exact space, bandwidth and number of domain and databases so that you can host one functional website.

We’re not talking about big business sites here, but simple, blog-like, presentation sites. If you know that all you are going to host is this one simple website, then this is the plan to go for. However, you’d better check out the other 2 options as well. It’s always better to think it through from the very beginning than regretting it later.

2. Business Plan
The exact name of the plan varies a lot from host to host, but it’s usually the second type of plan, the one in the middle. The business webhosting plan is still conceived for one single website, but this time we are thinking large amounts of traffic. If you plan to have lots of visitors incoming on this one single website then this is the plan you need. What’s the main characteristic of such a plan? Well, you usually still get just one domain and limited disk space the extra here is the bandwidth allowing you to handle the traffic pus the extra features such as email account and secure protocol.

3. Unlimited Plan
The unlimited plan is, of course, all about unlimited – unlimited disk space, unlimited add-on domains, unlimited bandwidth ( not truly unlimited, but more of unmetered bandwidth instead ), unlimited number of databases and so on. So when do you need such a plan? When you simply know that you are going to host more than one website. Are you a developer? You’ll probably have new websites every month. You need to host them, test them and ride them.

So the thing you want to avoid is to buy hosting every time you get yourself a new site. Instead, what you do is buy the unlimited plan and have it for all the websites you’ll ever create.

Just remember that the most important thing you need to do when choosing your webhosting plan is to think through your needs. Compare those needs to the offers and choose accordingly.

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