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Small Business Web Hosting Needs And Considerations

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If you are the owner of a small business there are several things you should look out for when choosing your web host. The same is true if you want to start an online business or just have some way of making money online.

The main requirement you have is large bandwidth. If all you would own would be a presentation site where you would display the banner of your company, a small presentation, and some contact details then you can’t expect any heavy traffic towards you. However, if your business is based on the website, if you have some scripts behind it and you offer at least minimum functionality you will need more than a basic plan.

Basic plans are only recommended if you want to show something to the world, without implementing a system of users, a forum or any form of dynamic content. If all you have on your website is pure HTML basic can work for you.

However, as a small business owner, you must expect people to register, become active on your website and look for the dynamic content. This attracts to issues. First, of course, is the bandwidth which is closely related to the amount of traffic you get. The more visitors come to your webpage the more bandwidth you will require. The second issue you need to deal with is the disk space. You will have a considerable amount of files stored on the server and most probably the number will increase proportionally with the number of users you will register.

Functionality and programming support is also hugely important for small businesses. Make sure you have a complete overview of what you need in order to develop and support your complete website. You definitely need PHP support, but you might as well need MySQL, ASP, Python, Ruby or eCommerce.

You will also probably want to track your visitors. You need to see how many people visit your website every day and every month, where they come from regionally and which websites referred them to you.

Tracking is very important for small businesses as you can see exactly which components are doing their job properly and which are inefficient. When you choose your web host look out for statistics features and make sure you can keep track of who is visiting what.

Finally, you shouldn’t overlook the support part. A reliable web hosting service offers 24/7 support and is able to solve your issues in minutes. What if, for example, you would want to enable one of their commerce platforms. I bet you’re not a guru in all the platforms out there, so you’ll most probably need some assistance. It’s great when that assistance is always at your disposal, helping you solve your issues.

As a small business owner you need to make an informed decision when purchasing the host service. Evaluate your needs and pick the plan which best suits you on the long run.

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