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Types of hosting – Which you should use it?

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One of the most momentous decisions you’ll have to decide while constructing for your business Web site is selecting which Web hosting service provider will display your Web pages to the Internet. Web hosting can be usually done for free or paid. And paid hosting is usually for high traffic or for real core business.

The key responsibilities of web hosting providers are to provide server space, web services and maintenance of servers which host their websites owned or even controlled by individuals and organizations.

It’s up to you to decide the type of hosting you require. The choice is based upon your business or type of website you’re going to work upon. Now let’s discuss on how the web hosting can be chosen and worked.

Free Web Hosting :
Free web hosting is usually done for small sites with poor traffic. Basically, you can opt for free hosting for a small business website/ Nonprofit organization website or for personal websites. People go for free web hosting for reasons like web server space provided to you at no cost or with no monthly charge. They provide some form of mandatory advertising attached to your site. Since the hosting is free of cost, the features offered are always limited compared with those of paid hosting.

Standard Hosting :
Standard hosting is a great option for most Web-based businesses. Here you pay some money typically once a month for space and services on a Web hosting provider’s site that you require. They provide functionality like address, database, free domain name, free disc space, file storage, bandwidth, e-commerce, control on your sites control panel and many more options.

Shared Hosting :
As the name itself tells its functionality. As its shared hosting, the server is also shared among different clients. This is definitely one among the cheapest from of web hosting. As many sites share a common server you might or might not be allocated a static IP address and the features and the price may vary accordingly. Shared solutions often offer enormous multiple features like free email, no maintenance cost, fast setup and domains. Technical support tends to be really good. But the hosting usually cost more than the standard hosting. Personally prefer to go for the HostGator, because if you are in India then you will be able to get the use of HostGator Coupon Code India.

Dedicated Hosting :

f you don’t want to share a server with other clients, you can choose a dedicated hosting service or a web host that provide you more options, and of course comes with better customer servicing and response. But this will comparatively cost more every month, you will have enormous control over the server which we use. So that we can schedule maintenance, upgrades and other tasks at your own convenience.

Colocation Web Hosting :
It is exactly the same as dedicated hosting, but here we only pay for our use. That is, we get paid for the used space and internet connection. For people with core business need and who require healthy control over their servers would usually tend to choose this option.

This type of web hosting services has two categories, namely managed and unmanaged. Managed web hosting service provider manage the responsibilities in hosting, covering server hardware maintenance, and software monitoring, updates and so on. Whereas the other web hosting service just provides you with their usual service but they won’t take up the IT responsibility.

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